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Politics of Friday, 14 January 2022


Sheila Bartels believes MPs should live within their constituency

Sheila Bartels,  Member of Parliament for the Ablekuma North Constituency Sheila Bartels, Member of Parliament for the Ablekuma North Constituency

The Member of Parliament (MP) for the Ablekuma North Constituency on the ticket of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Sheila Bartels, has disclosed her dealings as a Member of Parliament (MP).

She recapped the usual challenges MPs living among their constituents face every time help is needed by the people. Despite the intrusions and unfamiliar visits, Sheila Bartels believes “living in the constituency with the people you serve is one of the best ways to repay them for their trust and faith.”

The Ablekuma North MP opined that living amongst the constituents makes it easier for MPs to engage the people, likewise, making the constituents also reach out to their MPs easily.

During an interview on the Happy Morning Show, she told Samuel Eshun, “I always have people from my constituency flooding my house occasionally. I don’t also believe there’s any MP, especially in the Greater Accra Region, who does not get such visits from their constituents. However, because we live in the constituency, it is much easier for any constituent to get any help or attention they need. My constituents always use various channels to get in touch with me, that is my home, office or even in the Parliament house.”

She also stated that it is highly important to attend to such people who come to them in their homes at any time.

“When they come to my home, you have to do your best and whatever is necessary to attend to them. I think our constituents should be our priority because we are in power because of them and to serve them. We were the ones who went to them and decided to represent them. We promised them an improved and progressive society, therefore, I don’t see anything wrong when they come to you with a problem.”

However, she further admitted it sometimes tends to be frustrating and very uncomfortable when she is approached while running out to carry out her duties. “Sometimes you need to rush out for other matters and there’s someone you need to address. You try to explain the situation at hand and it could be misinterpreted. That is the only time I feel uncomfortable because I wish to spend time with them when they come,” she shared.