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Politics of Monday, 26 December 2016


NPP groups warn Tina Mensah

Some members of the Girls Girls Action For Nana Addo and “V 16” have issued a strong warning to the NPP Member of Parliament for Weija –Gbawe, Tina Mensah, to desist from lobbying for Patrick Kumoh to become the Metropolitan Chief Executive (MCE) for the Ga South Municipal Assembly or face their wrath.

They also cautioned leading members of the party to put a stop to the intense lobbying for various positions in the impending president – elect’s administration.

The group further disclosed that some people are desperately lobbying for certain positions in Nana Addo’s administration using journalists, political pundits, civil society organizations, religious leaders and some vulnerable youth as lobbyists.

According to them, Tina Mensah, at a meeting with some assembly members last week called on them to support her as she makes frantic efforts to ensure that Patrick Kumoh becomes the next MCE for the Ga South Municipal Assembly.

“We have been in this party and worked a lot to get the party this far before Patrick came to join us. He joined the party not too long ago and besides, he is not qualified, there are people who are better qualified than Patrick, Tina’s behaviour is unacceptable and we would not tolerate it,” They stressed.

We want very competent people to go into our Assemblies and so it should be expected that such people are rationale and discerning enough to do what is in the best interest of the party and the country in general.

They further, decried the practice of same old faces of the party always scheming for positions at the expense of others who are equally qualified and competent, insisting such practice is unacceptable.

The two groups called on politicians and other Ghanaians to stop exerting pressure on Nana Addo through lobbying and afford him the freedom to make his appointments, stressing that such lobbying activities only tend to bring unqualified people on board, breed corruption, retard development, and cause unhealthy competition between people.

The groups, however, were optimistic Nana Addo will live up to his track record of competence by appointing the right people to fill various positions in his administration.