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Politics of Thursday, 30 June 2016


I’m not an agitator for other people’s political intentions - Greenstreet

The Flag bearer of the Convention People’s Party (CPP), Mr. Ivor Kobina Greenstreet has said he is not an agitator for other people’s political intentions.

Condemning the status quo where people who were accused of wrongdoing are unfairly tried in the media, Mr. Greenstreet asserted that he would not allow himself to be used as a stooge to pursue other people’s political interest, particularly with regard to President Mahama’s gift of a Ford Expedition vehicle by a Burkinabe contractor.

He was answering questions when he took his turn at the Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA) Evening Encounter with Presidential Candidates of political parties with representation in Parliament in Accra last Tuesday.

Highest office

According to Mr. Greenstreet, as someone who is attempting to occupy the highest office in the land, he would not denigrate the President.

‘“We have all been witnesses to when a former head of state called a sitting head of state, who is now a former head of state himself, Ataa Ayi, an armed robber, a criminal; and here I am wanting to occupy that very office; I refuse to be part of any group of persons who seek to denigrate the individual who occupies that position,” he said.

It is based on this assessment that Mr. Greenstreet affirmed his decision not to accuse President Mahama of any corrupt act without evidence. “I will not denigrate the presidency,” he stressed.

“I went to Kumasi and said to the National Democratic Congress (NDC) corruption [is] from top to bottom, left to right, inside-out but I will never turn around and point at the President and tell him to his face you are corrupt, unless I have evidence,” Mr. Greenstreet said.

Proper evidence

He explained further that “Because I believe there has to be proper evidence, proper investigation, and the matter properly looked into before we all start jumping up and down trying to accuse people of a specific thing.”

Nonetheless, he maintained that the CPP was in total support of a national anti-corruption plan.

He,therefore, stated that the CPP was “totally opposed to corruption at all levels; be it petty corruption or at the top”.

With over 80 percent of the national population being Christians and Muslims, Mr. Greenstreet said he firmly believed if those two religious groups adhered to the Holy Bible or Holy Qu’ran, corruption would not be an issue in the country.

National economy

He said the national economy was not doing well today because of the same economic policies that had been pursued by both the NDC and the New Patriotic Party (NPP) that failed to address the economy’s inherent challenges.

According to Mr. Greenstreet, the NDC and the NPP had always pursued the targeting of inflation as a measure to pursue growth.

But he opined that rather than targeting inflation, a government under his leadership would ensure that the right structures that underpinned the national economy were rightly instituted.

With such an arrangement, he said the various components of the economic set-up, bolstered by an all-round growth, would check inflation.