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Politics of Wednesday, 30 September 2015


‘Entrenched position on voters’ register not helpful’

An independent presidential candidate in the 2012 elections, Mr Jacob Osei Yeboah has observed that the politically entrenched stance taken on the voters register, especially, by the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and the National Democratic Congress (NDC) without recourse to real solutions is worrying.

In his view, the agitation for a new biometric voters register (NBVR) and the open confrontations are unfortunate and should be despicable in the eyes of peace-loving Ghanaians.

In his response to calls for a new voters register, Mr Yeboah declared that electronic bio-data loses its relevance after six months if not maintained or updated regularly.

That, he said was because people would die, others would turn 18 years while others would relocate and further argued that this was irrespective of how accurately the data input was verified and validated.

“Unless we recreate a new maintainable data to serve as a base we will need a new voters register each election year”, he asserted.

“Can this portray Ghana as a productive nation in the comity of nations? In fact, the Electoral Commission (EC) data register is not even valid for any election after six months”,he said.

On arguments for the existing voters register to be replaced, Mr Yeboah pointed out that irrespective of whatever faults one might find now, technically it would do no good but would rather be pointers to improve.

“All these errors were possible because the EC and in fact the National Identification Authority (NIA) failed to capture individual bio-identity with respective addresses,” he stated.

According to Mr Yeboah, those who enjoyed being given power to rule and not to develop the nation afterwards would exert energy at a displaced position of the EC.

“Let's look for a permanent and excellent solution with National Electronic Data Register Infrastructure. This solution can enable NIA to work effectively as well as the EC working efficiently,” he maintained.

He also asked “why should we even buy into and accept the fact that we are ready to kill ourselves if the EC fails to provide a new voter register? To kill ourselves for who to live and enjoy?’’

In the view of Mr Yeboah, democracy is war of ideas, fought with the weapons of the rule of law.

“I, therefore, totally disagree with those who suggest we kill ourselves. This cry is a mutation of the spirit of “All die be die" that the nation must never yield to, he stated.

He said investors would be scared of possible instability in the country.
“This can lead to capital flight from Ghana; projects will be at a standstill, there will be very low productivity and increase in unemployment. The repercussions are obvious,”Mr Yeboah stated.

The EC, according to Mr Yeboah, can never be a repository of Ghana's bio-data except its mandate is changed.

“Let deep minds think through the issue for the best solution, for it is unacceptable for people to lose their lives or live with a deformity’’, Mr Yeboah stated and added that let's lay wise stones of democratisation such that a time may come that the next generation will touch our works and say, see what our fathers did for us’” Mr Yeboah concluded’.