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Entertainment of Wednesday, 21 March 2018


Did Zylofon Media almost drag Stonebwoy to court for breach of contract?

Remember this blog published an article here stating that Stonebwoy was booked to perform at the upcoming VGMA nominees jam in Cape coast without the consent of Zylofon Music, the record label Stonebwoy is signed unto.

Now, although the rumours have thickened that Stonebwoy would be leaving the record label, there has not been any official statement from the camp of Stonebwoy to officially declare that they are not interested in working with the label, although Stonebwoy’s recent utterances in the media and position on events unfolding so far at Zylofon, give that clear indication that all is not well.

It appears Zylofon Music is already ‘tired’ of the ‘Hero’ singer as sources say attempts to peacefully resolve matters with Stonebwoy is proving futile. Stonebwoy has become very stubborn and hard to deal with and is gradually losing that sort of ‘humility’ tag people see him to be.

He’s not grown enough balls to tell us in the face why he’s behaving that way, and in as much as Zylofon Music has perhaps done him some wrong, one would expect that he comes clear on his real relationship with the record label especially when they have invested lots of money in him.

A letter that was addressed to Charter House, the organisers of the VGMAs seems to give the impression that Zylofon Music wants to sue Stonebwoy for a breach of the contractual terms agreed on.

In the letter, sighted by, Zylofon Music was seeking to confirm if indeed it was true that they booked Stonebwoy for the VGMA nominees jam. The lawyers for Zylofon Music was seeking clarity if indeed Charterhouse has booked Stonebwoy for the Vodafone nominees jam or not as published by several web-portals.

So what was the objective of sending that letter to Charterhouse and not deal directly with Stonebwoy?

It’s obvious that Stonebwoy’s team did not inform Zylofon Music about the deal, and Zylofon Music as a company wanted to seek clarity and confirmation so they can know the next line of action to take—Which is to sue Stonebwoy!

Recall that Zylofon Media issued a statement recently and warned that anybody or company that wishes to hire the services of their signed artistes must do so through Zylofon or face legal action.

At the time of publishing this article, has learned that Stonebwoy’s name has been taken off the list of artiste who would be performing at the 2018 VGMA nominees jam this coming Friday in Cape coast. A report on says, George Quaye, Head of Communications for Charterhouse, organizers of the VGMAs, has confirmed the news that Stonebwoy is no longer on the bill as previously advertised.—Yes, the letter is working.

All of these is becoming boring and unnecessary and it’s high time both parties come clear on what’s really happening. If Stonebwoy also feels he’s not happy at Zylofon and wants to leave, he should get some balls and be plain about it..(I can recommend where he can get some ‘balls’).

From all that’s happening, it’s obvious there’s a conditional clause that would not favour any of the parties, should one of them be the one to call for the termination of the contract. That only explains why Stonebwoy is hesitant in officially announcing his departure from Zylofon Media–He wants to sort of create an impression that Zylofon Music is the ‘bad guy’ and Zylofon Music is also reluctant, because it would be the one losing investments, should they terminate the deal and when they do that, it would sort of create an impression that they signed Stonebwoy just to piss him off.