Politics of Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Source: myjoyonline

Congestion in Parliament as House breaks for two weeks

The addition of 45 new seats to the existing 230 seems to have created some congestion in the chamber.

Even though the number of MPs has risen to 275, no expansion works have been done in the chamber to give the MPs the needed comfort and room to carry out their duties.

Two or more MPs now use one microphone as against the previous arrangement where each is entitled to one microphone.

The house is expected to go on a two-week break to allow for some refurbishment to be carried out.

Deputy Minority leader Dominic Nitiwul told Joy News the congestion is serious.

He said the two week break will allow for a reconfiguration of Parliament to take care of the excess numbers.

Nitiwul however suggested that the country must begin to take a holistic look at whether it would maintain the present house or build a new one.