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Politics of Monday, 6 June 2016


Bongo confusion: NDC youth vow to vote against Edward Bawa

The Lai Lai group, consisting of disgruntled members of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), in the Bongo Constituency of the Upper East Region, have threatened to vote ‘skirt and blouse’ in the November polls, following their anger against the NDC’s Parliamentary Candidate for Bongo, Edward Bawa.

The Lai Lai group, numbering over 1,000, have accused Edward Bawa and his supporters of having no regard for party structures and failing to smoke the peace pipe with failed parliamentary aspirants and their supporters.

“The Lai Lai group is an anti Edward Bawa group aimed at frustrating his ambition of becoming the next Member of Parliament at all cost.

The Bongo constituency seat has for the past 24 years been a safe one for the NDC, but it is not going to be so come November 7,” their Secretary, Aloyagle Francis stated.

A press conference by the disgruntled Lai Lai group earlier on Sunday, was marred by verbal attacks and exchange of blows with some supporters of Edward Bawa, forcing an intervention by the police.

Addressing party supporters, Aloyagle Francis accused Edward Bawa of conniving with constituency executives particularly, the chairman; Tahiru Aberinga, the secretary; Stephen Ayinneliya and the District Chief Executive; Alexis Ayamdor, to win the parliamentary primary unfairly.

He also alleged that Mr. Bawa, had supported his allies financially to oust key branch and ward executives whose hard work had led the party to victory over the years, to lose their positions to his allies.

According to Aloyagle Francis “We are will vote skirt and blouse against Edward Bawa because he has no regard for his contenders and their supporters before, during and after the primary.

He has brought serious disunity to the NDC party in Bongo by inciting people against others to achieve his parochial interest and has refused to reconcile with his contenders and their supporters.”

The group described as an unconstitutionality, the hoarding of party registration booklets by the constituency chairman and secretary, to register persons to vote for Edward Bawa prior to the primary, thus sabotaging other contestants.

The group also accused Mr. Bawa and his supporters of supporting a PNC candidate Jacob Nsoh, prior to the 2012 election, to reduce the votes of Mr. Albert Abongo, and have vowed to campaign against him to lose the seat.

Mr. Aloyagle reiterated the group’s commitment to embark on house to house campaign to influence constituents to vote against Edward Bawa come November 7.

The angry members say they are confident of securing victory for President John Mahama, but cannot guarantee same for Edward Bawa, who’s also Communications Consultant to the Energy Ministry, if he fails to unite the rank and file of the party in the constituency.