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Paapa Nyankson,
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Paapa Nyankson

Other NamesPaapa
Date of Birth0000-00-00
Place of Birth
2005 - Some thirty years ago, a gentleman went to a funeral, begged his way to the microphone and was discovered that night.

Paapa Nyankson who was then a stenographer joined the Carousel 7 band which was then managed by C.K. Mann. He performed with C.K. Mann for many years until he went out on his own to produce and sing "Abam Kofi".

Paapa Nyankson 'hit' or 're-hit' the music scene with the Western Diamond Band which brought the group out from the unknown to the known which is quite an achievement to him. Paapa continues to come out with solo hits like "Wiadze Ye Mu Sum" and is working on some more solo hits.