Other Sports of Monday, 29 January 2001

Source: The Dispatch

Achimota Golf Club Sent To Court

An Accra High Court will today (Monday, January 29), be the scene of hectic legal exchanges in a case in which the Achimota Golf Club has been used for irregular increases in the Club's annual subscriptions. The Club was dragged to Court by some members, represented by Messrs A.K. Ayivor and John Moses.

The matter ended up in Court when attempts by some members to get the Club to hold an extraordinary General Meeting to discuss the proposed increases failed. The Club had proposed an increase in the subscription dues from ?240,000 (single) to ?890,000. The double dues were to be increased from ?420,000 to ?1.3 million.

Comparative annual dues for other Golf Clubs are Tema - ?350,000 (single), ?500,000 (double); Celebrity - ?350,000 (single), ?600,000 (double) and Kumasi - ?300,000 (single), ?450,000 (double).

Mr. Ayivor has been a member of the Achimota Golf Club since 1982 and previously held the Secretary and Treasurer positions. Mr. Moses has been a member of the Club since 1978. Their statement of claim indicated among other issues that the two of them and others who had not paid the proposed dues had "been prevented from enjoying the rights and privileges of membership of the Club.

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