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Job Vacancy Company Date
Instrumentation Engineer Empower Workf Apr 26
Sales Coordinator Plato Consult Apr 26
Sales Executive Plato Consult Apr 26
Procurement Officer Plato Consult Apr 26
Driver Plato Consult Apr 26
Accounts Officer Plato Consult Apr 26
Quality and Sales Support Officer Confidential Apr 26
Regional Sales Reps Npontu Techno Apr 26
Sales Executive (Digital Business & Online Marketing) HR Bureau Apr 26
Collections Officer Confidential Apr 26
Pre-School Teacher Confidential Apr 26
Quality Control Manager Confidential Apr 26
IT Officer HR Bureau Apr 26
Data Entry Personnel Confidential Apr 26
Archivist/Warehouse Assistant Confidential Apr 26
Sales Executives Confidential Apr 26
Saloon Sales Executives Confidential Apr 26
Director of Finance and Administration Accra Hearts Apr 26
Kiosk Manager Confidential Apr 26
Manager West African Apr 26
Head, Group Business/Bancassurance Confidential Apr 26
Management Information System Executive Ghana HR Solu Apr 26
Procurement & Logistics Manager (Cement Plant) Ghana HR Solu Apr 26
Mechanical Maintenance Manager (Cement Plant) Ghana HR Solu Apr 26
Maintenance Manager (Cement Plant) Ghana HR Solu Apr 26
Field Instrument And Plant Automation Engineer Ghana HR Solu Apr 26
Electrical Maintenance Manager (Cement Plant) Ghana HR Solu Apr 26
Quality Manager (Cement Plant) Ghana HR Solu Apr 26
Control Room Supervisor (Cement Plant) Ghana HR Solu Apr 26
Bilingual NSS/ Intern needed Confidential Apr 26
Customer Service Representatives (Financial Institution) Lumiere Manag Apr 26
Sales and Marketing Officer Confidential Apr 26
Security Guard Confidential Apr 26
Pharmacist Confidential Apr 26
Area Sales Manager Acreaty Ghana Apr 26
Cashier - Tamale Acreaty Ghana Apr 26
Retail Warehouse Manager – Tamale Acreaty Ghana Apr 26
Laundry Technical Manager Acreaty Ghana Apr 26
Human Resources Manager (Hospitality) Acreaty Ghana Apr 26
Technical Sales Manager (Generator, Power Supply) Ghana HR Solu Apr 26
Investment Associate Confidential Apr 26
Female Warehouse Supervisor Ghana HR Solu Apr 26
Production Manager (Cement Plant) Ghana HR Solu Apr 26
CEO Confidential May 2
Assistant Accountant Confidential May 2
Direct Sales Executives HR Bureau May 2
Receptionist (Female) Crosstrain Gh May 2
Business Operations Coordinator Ghana HR Solu May 3
Store Keeper Confidential May 3
Purchasing & Supplying Clerk Confidential May 3