Health News of Friday, 1 August 2014


Cholera Alert: La General Hospital OPD turned into Cholera bay

Authorities at the La General Hospital have been forced to turn the out-patient department (OPD) of the Hospital into a Cholera bay as a result of soaring numbers in recorded cases.

TV3 gathers that as of Friday, August 1, 15 new cases of the bacterial disease was recorded at the Hospital.

Speaking to our correspondent on Friday, Dr Samuel Asamoah, the Hospital’s Physician Assistant, said the major challenge facing the Hospital is space.

“We don’t have anywhere to send the patients back,” he noted, however.

He observed that most of the patients brought to the Hospital are from the La municipality, generating worry in the face of an epidemic.

So far, over 500 cases of Cholera have been recorded in the Greater Accra Region with over 100 lives lost.

The lack of proper sanitation practice in the Region, compounded by lack of dumping sites, has been blamed for the outbreak.