Health News of Monday, 13 January 2014


Society promotes use of female condoms

The Society of Women Against AIDS (SWAA) has embarked on a year-long campaign to promote the use of female condoms.

The campaign, which is in collaboration with the Ghana AIDS Commission and the Ghana Health Service, is aimed at reducing the spread of HIV and AIDS and unwanted pregnancy.

A programme was organised by SWAA to sensitise women to the use of female condoms at the Tema Station, Makola Shopping Mall and the Accra Mall on Saturday as part of the campaign.

The campaign

According to the National Co-ordinator of SWAA, Mrs Aku Xornam Kevi, SWAA has renewed its commitment to promote the use of female condoms through intensive education programmes to ensure that women patronised the female condoms.

So far, she said, the campaign had been taken to the various markets in the Accra metropolis and about 10,000 of the female condoms had been distributed to women and men.

As part of the campaign, Mrs Kevi explained that women would be sensitised to how to wear the female condoms and men also encouraged to allow their partners to use them.

Why the female condom

Mrs Kevi said the new types of female condoms, known as FC and FC2, were more secured and protective, so women should patronise them.

The female condom is the only safe and effective female-initiated method, Mrs Kevi said, adding that it provided simultaneous protection against unintended pregnancy, as well as sexually transmitted infections, including HIV and AIDS.

She further explained that the female condom empowered women in matters related to their sexuality.

“Research shows that if women always use the female condom correctly only five per cent of users will report unexpected pregnancy each year,” she said.

Mrs Kevi also indicated that the female condom provided an opportunity for women to share the responsibility of sexual protection with their partners.