Health News of Thursday, 18 April 2013

Source: Maternal Health Channel

Maternal Health Channel - Setting the Records Straight

The Maternal Health Channel Show - Thursday 8pm, Friday 8.30pm TV3

How long have you waited in a hospital queue for your card?

This week, the Maternal Health Channel (MHC) focuses on one of the most endemic challenges facing the Ghana health service - records keeping, an essential component of efficient maternal health care delivery. Timely access to a patient’s folder can reduce waiting time, which in some cases avoid death in emergencies. This report from Hohoe Municipal Hospital in the Volta Region pins down the problems and discusses the implications. We also meet Mr. Prince Boni, a health specialist who is determined to fix the problem. Hospital records do not only provide critical medical information but also ensures efficient financial management.

Can Ghanaian hospitals turn the corner so that the long waits can be avoided and health care improved?

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To view the programmes:

First programme:Charity’s Story: A Report From Keta, Volta Region
Second programme:Charity’s Story Part 2
Third programme:Good News From Kpalbe
Fourth programme:Is Korle Bu Hospital at Breaking Point?
Fifth programme:Ghana’s Empty Blood Banks
Sixth programme:Is Korle Bu a Dumping Ground?

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