Health News of Wednesday, 9 January 2013


Cholera Hits Parts Of Obuasi Municipality.

By:Emmanuel Agyenfra Boateng

Residents in the Obuasi municipality are in a fix as the rate at which people are being infected by Cholera is very alarming and getting out of hand,some private hospitals in the municipality are getting choked as the cases get worse since Monday.

Parts of Obuasi where the disease is fast spreading is Akaporiso,Boete,Pomposo and it’s environs,speaking to some residents in Akaporiso,they suspected the drinking of River Akapori is the cause of their predicament,”our pipes are not flowing and we are forced to drink from the river which have been polluted by mechanics around and also by washing bay guys”an angry resident said.Residents in Brahabebome and Boete who are largely affected by the disease live by the main dumping site,which is now getting closer to houses,houseflies are nothing to write home about. Obuasi municipality,a once cleanest city in Ghana is now being engulfed by filth,in the business district of Obuasi drains are choked,rubbish are heaping in every corner of the municipality.Rubbish containers in Mensakrom and Gausu are nothing to write home about.

Sanitation authorites in the municipality are doing their best but not to the satisfaction of residents,Mr.Owusu Ansah,the municipal sanitation officer said,trucks to convene rubbish are all breaked down.

Many of the cases recorded are in the Obuasi East constituency,the break down of the patients as in various health centres are,Bryant Mission Hospital 81,Divine Souls Hospital 22,Edwind Cade Hospital 65 respectively.As at Tuesday morning,the dead toll stood at 12!with the break down as,Divine Souls Hospital 5,Edwin Cade 4,S D A hospital 3.

Other people also said,drinking of marshed kenkey a.k.a ice kenkey from used water bottles is the cause. Authorities in Obuasi should sit up and save the golden city from filth.