Golf News of Friday, 25 July 2014

Source: Sammy Heywood Okine

MTN preaches golf

Business Segment Manager, MTN Emmanuel Gyasi has challenged golfers to take golf as a very serious sporting activity and not for only leisure.
To him, the health, business and social benefits of golf places it in a category to consider it as a lesser spot as being bandied about by the sporting media.
And as part of its plans to ensure the sport is deep seated and embraced by all regardless of one’s social background, MTN has institutionalized golf on its calendar years.
Speaking at this year’s MTN CEO tourney held at the Celebrity Golf Club recently, he said the frequency at which MTN put together golf tournaments in a year is a clear testament of their commitment of golf in the country.
The Business segment boss, who shares the view that the sport does not belong to the elites only, but for all regardless of one’s financial standings.
Tournaments as MTN Asantehene Gold Cup, Spoons Classic, CEO tourney, among others have become permanent competitions on the country’s sporting calendar.
He referred to integrity, a key requirement in golfing as one of the values the game offers saying, “Playing golf comes with so many benefits, and so should be accorded the attention it deserves.
“Walking from one hole to the other helps so much calories and the most important virtue golf teaches is integrity which is a key factor in business.
“Football is not the only avenue for the youth to discover their potential, golf has the potential of offering a bigger platform,” he added.
The MTN CEO golf tournament train next stop is Tarkwah.
Meanwhile, the Tema Country Golf Club will host Tema Classic on August 9.