Golf News of Saturday, 6 October 2012

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Golf is like courting a lady – Eddie Addo

Achimota based golfer, Eddie Addo has made a rather interesting and deep searching comparison in the game of golf. He stated that, the game of golf could be compared to dating a lady.
“Playing golf is like dating a lady,” he stressed, adding: “when she doesn’t hear from you for a while, and you suddenly come back on the scene, of course, he concluded, “she would be hard to get for a while.”
Consistency matters, Eddie Addo sought to counsel. He made these revelations after he outlasted a strong field at the September Taysec Medal in a substantial fashion.
He returned a net score of 70 off handicap 15 in the Men B Division after he shot a satisfactorily 40 in the back nine. “I knew my day was meant to be good, especially after I parred the first four holes on the back nine where his group began the game.” He continued, after that feat, I knew all I needed was to keep my head down and concentrate on the game.”
Consistency of play in recent times, according to Eddie played important roles in his feat. “One ‘hole’ truth about the game is consistency, playing continually especially if you have the time keeps you well informed and improves your confidence on the course.” He argued.
Eddie’s notion on the game predominantly defeats the old head view of golf as, “Gentlemen Only Ladies Forbidden”. To Eddie, he believes golf purports, “Game Of Learning Forever”.
“Yes, the game is a great teacher, it teaches you something about the game and your personality every day,” he further argued that, every day you learn something new in golf; today you could play well, the next day you could play badly.”