Tabloid News of Monday, 13 August 2012

Source: Benjamin Akuffo

Wonders Surround Mills’ Death & Burial

The passing away of President John Evans Atta Mills on July 24, 2012 has for once proved atheists and agnostics wrong, at least in my own estimation. In the eventful black Tuesday the weather in Accra spoke volumes about the existentialist belief of God and how through the good deeds of good people God reveals himself by happenings which confound even the phenomenologists.

The fateful day when President Mills died in Accra started with the sun coming up early in the morning but just at the stroke of 9am the weather suddenly became very dull and seemed like it was going to rain. But the rains never came. By mid-day, the whole atmosphere in Accra and its environ looked like something was not right.

It was around that period when the sun appeared to be scorching then just around 2:00 pm when rumours started making round about the death of President Mills changed everything as the weather momentarily became dull shortly after the rumours gained some currency through the scores of ministers and the ruling NDC’s functionaries thronged to the 37 Military Hospital to catch a glimpse of the peaceful man of God who the cold hands of death had eventually snatched him away from mankind after such unsuccessful death wishes by his opponents.

But as God speaks through signs of happenings around us, Accra which hitherto had not experienced any rain for more than a month started to have patches of rain drops and drizzling with its attendant coldness in the weather. At least anyone who was fortunate to have been around Achimota, 37 Military Hospital where the late president died, the Cantonments and Ridge among other suburban towns in Accra can attest to that fact. The days following the president’s death also witnessed such miraculous activities and wonders. Then, at the time when the late President’s one week remembrance service was held some parts of Accra witnessed some wonders as the weather again changed.

Then just when all thought that the signs and wonders were ending on Wednesday August 8 when President Mills’ mortal remains were displayed at the Banquet Hall for viewing , the clouds formed an image that looked like an angel beckoning someone. The picture on the fornt page speaks volumes. It is not clearly what the angel wants to portray but the picture is clear for all to see.

But the most surprising of all is how after President Mills was buried on Friday August 10, the sun that looked dull throughout the period of the funeral ceremony in the afternoon appeared to shine all over the place even after 6:00pm and eventually disappeared after 6:42 pm in the evening. Indeed, there is a God who cares and shows sign of loving wonders to his children. President Mills is without doubt a true son of God.