Tabloid News of Monday, 5 March 2012

Source: The Spectator

Man Loses Eye Over â??Akpeteshieâ??

A middle-aged man, with the penchant for buying the local gin, popularly called Akpeteshie, on credit, is yet to come to terms with the circumstances which held to the loss of his left eye.

Kwabena Saw, 35, a farmer at Wassa Ankwaso, near Bibiani is said to have bought the local gin to the tune of GH¢10.00 from one Madam Abena Ntaadu, all on credit, between the months of June and August, last year.

A family member, Eric Sibo, who briefed The Spectator, said Kwabena refused to pay the debt and this resulted in a rift between him and Kwasi Boakye, a son-in-law of Madam Ntaadu.

According to the family member, Kwabena was a result of pressure mounted on him managed to pay GH¢9.00 out of the debt, with just GH¢1.00 outstanding, but seemed unwilling to redeem it. Boakye was thus compelled to bar him from patronizing the spot.

Last Saturday, February 25, Madam Ntaadu, travelled and left the business in the care of her maid.

Kwabena took advantage of her absence and went to the spot to purchase GH¢1.50 of the local gin, again on credit. Unknown to him, Boakye was in a room there.

Kwabena was about to enjoy the gin when Boakye emerged and angrily confronted him, and in the course of their exchanges, thrust a kitchen knife into his eye.

Realizing the harm he had caused, Boakye fled, while Kwabena was rushed to the Sefwi-Bekqai Hospital and later referred to the Bibiani Government Hospital, where he is still on admission.

Eye specialists at the hospital have confirmed the perpetual damage of Kwabena’s left eye. The police are still looking for Boakye.