Tabloid News of Friday, 17 February 2012

Source: Daily democrat

Akuffo Addo’s Sexual Escapades ‘Fingers’ Somebody’s Wife

“Like A Boxer In a tactical move, Nana Addo Used The Right Hand First To give the lady a blow on her Private Part Before the Left Hand Upper Cut On The woman’s Succulent Breast.”

Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo- Addo’s problems continue to exacerbate each passing day and slowly but consistently chipping away his political fortunes for the country’s 2012 general elections.

Nana Addo’s repulsive past deeds continue to rear their ugly heads, much as the NPP flagbearer attempts to suppress them as he struggles to re-brand his image and market himself to the good people of Ghana for the impending elections. Issues related to illicit drugs, violence and women have been the challenges confronting him, generating controversies as he attempts to clean up his image. The wikileaks expose nailed the NPP flagbearer to drugs and chasing women and confirmed a long-held perception of Ghanaians that he is not a good material for the Presidency The sinking image of Nana Akufo-Addo has become a serious liability to the NPP who are adopting all strategies in an effort to re-position and promote his tainted image instead of the party concentrating on its messages to voters. New on the long list of Akufo-Addo’s immoral behaviours is the revelation of a sexual harassment scandal involving a married woman in 2008 and captured on video.

The woman, a make-up artiste at the studios of the Nation’s Television station, GBC, was a victim of sexual harassment from Nana Akufo-Addo after she had prepared the NPP flagbearer for a programme on 5th December, 2008. The exposé, on video and uploaded on showed how the NPP flagbearer, in a flash did what he does best, albeit to some else’s wife.

Like a Boxer In a tactical move, Nana Used The Right Hand First To give the lady a blow on her Private Part Before a Left Hand Upper - Cut On The woman’s Succulent Breast . In an interview with some members of the public concerning Akufo–Addo’s sleuth of hands on the make-up artiste, various opinions were expressed ranging from sympathizing with the lady and advocating for stronger punishment for sexual deviants to those who claimed it was trivial.

However, others also argued that it is essential for aspiring leaders to be morally upright. One respondent observed that a lot of Ghana’s so-called honourable men subject women to various forms of sexual harassment and stressed it is time to give women groups more education on this act in order to expose offenders. Another respondent argued that Akufo- Addo’s sexual attack on the make-up artiste is an attack on the dignity and integrity of women and urged him to apologize to the lady and Ghanaian women in general and ask for their forgiveness.

“I am afraid for our women; Nana Addo must apologise to the woman in question and Ghanaian women in general,” she stated and added “His action is very embarrassing. He must learn to comport himself before he falls foul of the law.”

The lady at the centre of the controversy in a radio interview has denied the taped encounter with Nana Addo ever happened. Sexual harassment is a form of sex discrimination and involves unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favours or unwelcome conduct of a sexual nature that offends, humiliates or intimidates. It has nothing to do with mutual attraction or friendship. For example, a man whistles at a woman when she walks by. Or a woman looks aman up and down when he walks towards her.

Sexual harassment is damaging to both the employee and employer and can Cause:Stress and low staff morale, Decreased work performance,Increased absenteeism;increased compensation claims;Potential safety risks andIncreased resignations.

Sexual harassment in the workplace is unlawful and employers must ensure a work place is free from such behaviour. All staff, particularly those in management roles, should receive training about the nature and prevention of sexual harassment Experts say is normal for sexual abuse victims to deny to avoid stigmatize or to save her married from collapse if admitted.

People who are harassing often pretend they are joking or teasing, and that it wasn’t meant to be taken seriously. But if it makes the other person feel uncomfortable, degraded or humiliated, it is sexual harassment. In a related development, a coalition of gender activists led by the Ghana Breast Foundation has condemned the fondling of the make –up artiste.

The group, on behalf of silent victims of rape and various acts by sexual deviants called on the Ministry of Women Affairs, FIDA, DOVVSU, Pro-women groups and personalities like Nana Oye Lithur, Ursula Owusu and religious bodies to do more to protect Ghanaian women.