Tabloid News of Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Source: The Informer

Kennedy Agyepong Sleeps With His Drivers -Twumasi Appiah

The Assin North NPP MP, who is walking around as the most vulgar and ill-mannered MP Ghana has ever had, has succeeded in dropping his skeletons in the public domain.

The man who has been going around making all kinds of wild allegations (including calling the President a thief), apparently has a lot of skeletons in his stinking wardrobe.

Apart from the strong allegations that he is a drug addict cum drug baron, who made his dirty money via the drug trade, it has also come to light that the moron-of-an-MP is also a homosexual.

The revelation that moronic egg-headed Kennedy Agyepong loves to stick his prick inside the anus of men, was made by NDC MP for Sene, Hon. Felix Twumasi Appiah. Speaking on Radio Gold’s 60 Minutes programme yesterday with the radio’s anchorman, Mr. Alhassan Shaibu Suhuhini, the Sene MP boldly said that, it is trite knowledge in Parliament that Kennedy Agyepong has been having wild sex with his drivers. In order to make it abundantly clear that he knew what he was talking about, Hon. Twumasi Appiah repeated his assertion at least three times. According to the Sene MP, some of Kennedy Agyepong’s drivers are the ones who have been reporting the ordeal they have been suffering at the hands of the uncivilized MP.

Apparently, Kennedy Agyepong is in the habit of changing his drivers and the reason for changing his drivers is because he has been having indiscriminate sex with them.

Hon Twumasi Appiah, reveals that it is of common knowledge amongst MPs and other staff working at Parliament that Kennedy Ohene Agyepong’s drivers have been complaining that their loutish boss has been poking their anuses. From information gathered, unlike some homosexuals who use lubricants to open up the anus of their sex mates/victims, the coarse Kennedy Agyepong does not use any lubricant and thus continues to destroy the anuses of his victims. Indeed, from the assertion of Hon. Felix Twumasi Appiah, it is after he destroys the anuses of his drivers that Kennedy Agyepong gets rid of them, and looks for new victims.

Some clinical psychologists hold the view that homosexuals suffer from some rare form of mental disorder. This, ailment, people believe, has been Ken’s problem. Thus, if the story that moronic and the uncultured Kennedy Agyepong, has been ‘screwing’ the anuses of his male drivers is true (as revealed by Hon. Twumasi Appiah), then it goes without saying that the Assin North MP is suffering from a mental problem; hence his lunatic behaviour of insulting everybody; including His Excellency President John Evans Atta Mills, all over the place.