Tabloid News of Monday, 9 January 2012

Source: GNA

Two in a fight chop off each other’s lips

Aflao, Jan 9, GNA - Two neighbours at Afekotoeme in Denu fought on January 2 during which they chopped off each other’s lips and both lodged complaints with the police

After the fight the two picked their severed flesh and then darted to the Ketu-South District Hospital for stitching but hospital sources told the Ghana News Agency (GNA) they were likely to live with deformed lips for the rest of their lives.

The combatants, Raphael Tasiame, 36, a teacher had his lower lip chewed off while Simon Agbenyo, 42, a farmer, got his upper lip severed.

The two, spotting bandaged lips later lodged complaints at the Police station in Denu

Mr Daniel Dzansi, Aflao District Police Crime Officer, told the GNA that Agbenyo claimed that Tasiame visited his house and entered a bathhouse where his 17-year-old daughter was having her bath.

He said going by Agbenyo’s narration, the girl shouted, whereupon he (Agbenyo) dashed to confront Taisame, but he (Tasiame) scaled the bathroom wall and absconded.

Mr Dzansi said Agbenyo claimed he pursued Tasiame, caught up with him and a fight ensued but they were separated and while returning to the house Tasiame hit him with a metal resulting in another bout of fighting during which the lips where chopped.

Mr Dzansi said by Agbenyo’s story, Tasiame tore up his lips first forcing him to retaliate.

The Police Crime officer said Tasiame on the other hand claimed that he was at Agbenyo’s house to light cigarettes when he picked up a quarrel with him.

Mr Dzansi said both would be charged for disturbing the peace and causing harm, while Tasiame would be charged additionally for attempted rape if investigations established him culpable.