Tabloid News of Monday, 1 February 1999

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Strange births at Wenchi

Residents of Wenchi in the Western Region have been hit with a very interesting but unusual phenomenon. For the past one-week, people have been flocking to the home of the chief of the Frafra community, Nana Joseph Adubre, to catch a glimpse of his dog, which has successfully delivered four kittens and six puppies. Many of those who went to satisfy their curiosity could not understand the strange phenomenon, especially when dogs and cats are known never to be good "friends", and said it was a bad omen. Others dismissed the belief that it is a sign of ill luck, saying it is just one of the recent strange happenings, and has nothing to do with the lives of people. In an Interview, Nana Adubre said this is not the first time that he has seen strange features in his domestic animals. He said not long ago, his hen hatched a chicken with eight legs.

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