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Tabloid News of Sunday, 2 February 2020


MP’s wife threatens to leak husband’s sex tape for using common fund to sponsor his ‘side chick’

The wife of a member of parliament is threatening to release a sex tape of her husband and his mistress for his infidelity and using his share of the District Assembly Common fund to finance his alleged girlfriend’s lifestyle.

According to the wife of the MP whose identity was not disclosed, her major reason for threatening to expose her husband is his use of public funds meant to provide development for his constituents to pay for an apartment for his girlfriend and paying her monthly stipends.

The seemingly peeved wife of the MP reached out to social media relationship counsellor David Bondze-Mbir, who also shared their conversation with his followers on Facebook.

According to the MP’s wife who says she feels hurt and fed up with her husband infidelity, she is ready to leak her husband’s sex tape as a way to “show him pepper.”

“I have tried being his wife and I am tired. He’s not changing. I need to show him pepper…” Parts of her message read.

She goes ahead to reveal that through the help of a private investigator, she is in possession of the video of her husband and his lover having sex without protection.

“I have a video of him and his girlfriend having sex. Raw sex, no condoms.

“A friend found me a private investigator who followed his every move in Accra. I have paid the guy very well to get me this evidence. He managed to get cameras hidden in their bedroom and washroom to get me this evidence.”

The wife of the MP who goes on to describe her husband as a corrupt person who takes bribes and lies about it, says she was almost compelled to poisoned her husband in December.

Read the full conversation from the screenshots below