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Demolition of Nigeria embassy building in Ghana; retaliation will be an ill-wind


Nii Adjei Sowa
2020-07-03 09:04:56
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Demolition of Nigeria embassy building in Ghana; r

No matter what any wise person put out in the name of peace, our street and internet rats in Ghana won't have it understanding. Ghana failed to protect an international embassy and all we do is to still support lies due to the hatred towards the Nigerians. I bet you,you guys will be the first to cry when your properties are hit hard in their own country. I am not surprised that many ignorant in Ghana hate, the Nigerians due to their trade and business prowess. We as Ghanaian don't even like ourselves, we envy, insult elders and drink to show our stupidity. If Nigeria can shut the west Africa pipeline gas down, you will know that your economy is base on their support. Akans should be blame for the demolition because they are the ones that are not truthful to the land owners.

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06-29 19:23
Nii Adjei Sowa
07-03 09:04