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1D1F can’t be truncated; let’s win 2020 polls to complete them – Akufo-Addo

Comment: Enough!

2020-06-28 08:44:12
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1D1F can’t be truncated; let’s win 2020 polls

I hope i will not sound disrespectful if I use the word USELESS!
Nana Addo as a President is USELESS and lack any sense of direction. No wonder people that knew him said they will not be able to sleep closing both eyes when Nana Addo becomes a president (That person has been vindicated). Nana Addo must bow in shame - the only flagship project that took off has been the FREE SHS - however, because Nana lacks foresight - after all these years in office there are still teething problems and hasn't been successful, which has knock-on effects on both PRE and POST SHS.

6 months to elections are times for commissioning of projects to yet again throw dust into people's eyes for their extended mandate - but what do we see? Nothing to show for - hence, nothing to commission? - The best was to RENAME them - hahahahahaha.

Nana Addo had all the Goodwill right from the beginning of his leadership (Unlike his predecessor whom he dragged to court and Ghana was at a standstill for a year), He can only see Mahama's tail lights far far head.
NANA ADDO and his cohorts are bunch of lairs, what else (negative) has he not said about Mahama? He is an old man and must for once be sincere to earn some respect.

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