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Ghana’s economy sound, creating jobs – Finance Committee Chair

Comment: Receiver and CBG making NPP unpopular

2020-06-12 11:54:41
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Ghana’s economy sound; creating jobs – Finance

Dr. Assibey -Yeboah good to note the economy is sound and jobs are been created but also note that the individuals who worked hard and kept their funds with savings and loans and micro finance companies who through no fault of their having their investment and funds locked up over two years are suffering especially First Allied savings and loans and GN depositors in Kumasi . majority of these depositors are market women , businessmen and women as well as artisans who believed in NPP and voted for them only to come to power to collapse their business and also deny them their life time savings . Time will tell . The Receiver is a deceiver with collaboration with CBG and BoG to frustrate depositors . The president gave an order pay and now payment has become an issue . Everyday stories . President gave order to ECG on light bill subsidy for 3 month and it is largely working . Why is the Receiver and CBG making NPP unpopular

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Receiver and CBG making NPP unpopular
06-12 11:54