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Achimota railway being washed away by flood waters an act of God - Joe Ghartey

Comment: GOD not responsible

2020-06-11 18:39:33
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Achimota railway being washed away by flood waters

The GOD of the UNIVERSE is not responsible for deaths and disasters
It is sin and the devil who are responsible. Come to think of it; how can you say that when a mother dies it is GOD; why will GOD take the mother away from her children? How can the mother look down from heaven to see her orphaned children suffering if indeed GOD TOOK her away and if she goes straight to heaven. If you die you are buried waiting for the 2nd coming of CHRIST; you do NOT go to heaven, or hell. The Roman Catholic talks about PURGATORY..this is not in the bible; the devil's way of getting many more souls to get lost, eternally. WHAT kind of GOD will you and I be serving if indeed is responsible of SUCH disasters this is the BIBLICAL TRUTH? Certainly not. Please check your biblical doctrines well before you put out such nonsense

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06-11 09:18
GOD not responsible
06-11 18:39