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PPP's General Secretary writes: 10 NDC lies against Electoral Commission of Ghana

Comment: Pull Him Down Mentality

Future Judge
2020-05-29 21:08:15
Comment to:
PPP's General Secretary writes: 10 NDC lies agains

PPP knows they can't go anywhere so the only thing they will do is to sabotage the best contender.The African mindset. They can't and will never see anything wrong with the EC's ill motivated plot aimed at rigging the election for the NPP. If I cannot go, you too will not go. All will lose, let's maintain the status quo. Where are we going if we have people like these ruling us. They jealous everything to the point of envying private business people who are doing well. And they claim they are leading us.

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05-29 02:22
Pull Him Down Mentality
Future Judge
05-29 21:08