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Your continuous neglect of Anlo becoming 'legendary' - Volta youth to Akufo-Addo

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2020-05-22 18:47:30
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Re: Your continuous neglect of Anlo becoming 'lege

I shall sympathise with the people if some of their roads aren't receiving attention. I really don't believe none of their many roads is under construction. In the Oti, for example there are on-going projects.
I wish to state that there was no promise of establishing 350 SHS in the NPP manifesto. Perhaps you are referring to an old copy. Government is not putting up any IDIF anywhere in Ghana. It is individual companies that are doing so. Perhaps, some indigenes from the Volta Region would soon wish to put up factories so that government extend its assistance.
Asafo, I wouldn't hesitate to add that the other tribal groups in the country are wary of the VR. I don't know your age but in the 1980s, most Akan industries were taken over by the PNDC. It is needless to mention any. The result is that these Akans, who by all standards are worthwhile, are very cautious is their business dealings. Who can tell if in the future the people of the VR would stand and ask investors "to carry their establishments to their home regions", especially since your tribal men dominated the PNDC.
The problem is even peculiarly difficult as the region had been so massively continued to vote NDC. No region had put in even 75% for any party. However, the NDC had been receiving between 80% - 90% of votes from the VR. What have they done for the region to merit such votes?
Perhaps, we shall have to join together and support Nana so that these Akans would somehow be persuaded to invest in our area.

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Re: Your continuous neglect of Anlo becoming 'lege
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