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Are The Government And NPP Serious About ....

Comment: kwaku your wife equally stupid?

James Fultz
2005-09-22 09:18:52
Comment to:

i was in ghana recently....kwaku adjei sounds like a particular group of people i met.........those who dress in multi pants, yellow shirts, blue shoes, slave like chains(considered as jewellry) around thin necks, struggling with some english words yet trying to sound smart, bad breath, always trying to obtain visa, ignorant, arrogant and happy. kwaku....let me know if u fit this description. ghana has lots of fools. i am conducting a rsh and i will be back soon.

and dont care about your dumb k4 or outspoken jjr. ghana is not doing well. only fools like u will take such senseless position. regards to your foolish wife and stupid children who will end up selling dog chains becos of your stupidity and misplaced priorities. cheers!

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09-21 02:24
kwaku your wife equally stupid?
James Fultz
09-22 09:18