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Are The Government And NPP Serious About ....


Kwaku Agyei
2005-09-22 04:52:17
Comment to:
kwaku adjei, AFUAforiwaa...

I thank you ever so much for your contribution towards the expression of your own opinion on this particular issue, but your opinion is foolish.

Having expressed your interesting opinion on this particular issue, though each and everyone on this planet has every right to do so at will, but your mental capability fell below standard to show that no intelligent person like Kwaku and Foriwah can stoop so low and argue with you or use any form of abuse, insults or insubordination behaviour to others who has every right to excersise their opinion.

However, since your brains is not funtioning properly to enable you to practice properly and a true politics, I can ask you to join your murderer who also has no political brains but only a Coup D'etat method of employment to force himself onto Ghanaians for 20 years but could not turn round the economy of Ghana but placed it chaotic map after mass murder of innocent citizens and destruction of people businesses.

I am not so surprise, thinking about a person such as you, who does not have any little mental capability to think and remember the past records of Rawlings (P)NDC and their behaviour, goes to show that, Ghana our beloved country, can never be entrusted into the hands of people like you, so that at a later date, Ghana would be errased as you errased Markola Market, the prominent trading enviroment in this country to grass, leaving all traders scatered on the pavements of Accra.

I am telling you point blank that, Ghana does not belong to Rawlings, or a particular class of people or murderers, cheats, thieves, arrogant, intimidators, harrassers, corrupts including people of your kind who thinks they can gain a political mandate in other to rush unto the contigency funds with their empty belly to fill it up, no way.Ghana is there to be administered by intelligent and selfless politicians, not you lots.

Let me ask you this, which member from your unscropolouse politicians and your gang of thieves has ever proposed anything meaningful that can move this country forward apart from telling lies, unecessary accusations and massive abuse of the presidency, Ministers of State, the Judiciary, Military Chiefs and the Speaker of the National Assembly?

Should you think that is how politics are practiced to gain a political mandate, then I am sorry you have got it all wrong, think again. You will never ever again see political power in this country, unless you employ your Coup D'etat, but who will help you there, no one.

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09-21 02:24
Kwaku Agyei
09-22 04:52