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Are The Government And NPP Serious About ....

Comment: kwaku adjei, AFUAforiwaa...

James Fultz
2005-09-21 12:08:54
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RE: Relax.....Adofo

after reading some of your comments i am forced to conclude as ff-1) you are not very well educated. 2) you lack the common sense to contribute meaningfully for the progress society. Both of you are blinded by ethnic psychosis. What you lack is wisdom, common sense and restraint. You are the kinds who will like to cause trouble and yet run away when there is a fight. I wonder whether folks like you ever think of how best your aids infested country will go on. Your kind of thinking is very primitive. I always thought the likes of atta ayi, ntiamoah and others senseless guys on the forum were the worst. I am sorry ghana has too many fools. No wonder all of you foolish people are struggling to come to our part of the world. I think ghanaians like you are damm useless. Your leaders are equally useless. DOES GHANA HAVE ANY SENSIBLE PEOPLE?

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09-21 02:24
kwaku adjei, AFUAforiwaa...
James Fultz
09-21 12:08