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Are The Government And NPP Serious About ....

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Kwaku Agyei
2005-09-21 11:21:02
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RE: Are The Government And NPP Serious About ....

You are also another get food and drink, you forget past records and prfevious dangereous events of Rawlings behaviour.

Philip, by the way who are you and where do you stand at all, and where will you stand when you hear two bren machine guns and one Saladin or ferret begin to cry.

Look my friend, stop talking rubish, Ghana is not for particular class of people, Ghana belongs to Ghanaians, come year 2008, you cannot do 'forcko', NPP are going to win it whole heartedly.

I thought during the last elections, you thugs claimed that if NPP wins there was going to bloodshed, said by Rawlings.

Was he able to stay to see the end of the counting of the ballot papers?

He even left the country to an unknown place without telling his own party national Secretary where he was going or by what means he travelled.

Don't make empty boasting, as you will be the firfst person to run away and go and hide or go and seek political assylum in perhaps Nigeria or whatever.

NPP is there to remedy the economic chaos you people ochestrated which has brought hardships, hunger, corruption, intimidation, murder, armed robbery, unemployment and all social evils to bear on our beauitiful nation.

Don't you know that constant military interventions in our civil administration (Coup D'etat) has brought our country's economy into chaos and our country's progress to an abrupt halt?

If you know this, I bet you will draw a line between coup makers and democratic elected administrators. You fool.

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09-21 02:24
RE: Are The Government And NPP Serious About ....
Kwaku Agyei
09-21 11:21