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What Should Be The Qualifications Of Our Next President

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deep throat
2005-06-13 18:35:38
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What Should Be The Qualifications Of Our Next Pres

Dear Mr Bonna Okyere; these are six sentences in your article, each containing the word REMNANT (each time you refer to our brothers and sisters back home) I have copied each sentence below.... . You see, that is our problem right there... I looked up the word from my dictionary... What's wrong with the phrase "our fellow Ghanaians?".... I tell you what, this is one of the reasons why those you call "remnants" would have a hard time working with the "diasporans" in a team. I am pretty sure that our fellow Ghanaians back home would not like to be referred as "remnants"

>> Ghanaians would be doing Ghana a great dis-service if they still hang on to >> the idea that it is only those remnants (old politicians) who have been ......

>> The only hope Ghana has is Diasporans. We need to show the remnants back >> home that it is possible to ....

>> Diasporans need to rally together, at least for now, under the banner of GLU >> and breath some life of hope into the remnants back home.......

>> Let us leave the lip service behind and take some action; anything >> that works, anything that would put some hope in the remnants......

>> What we need to do is to educate ourselves and the remnants back >> home to stop depending on government and empower ourselves as we....

>> The people back home (remnants) may be so desperate that they can't even think >> right.......

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06-13 07:38
RE: What Should Be The Qualifications Of Our Next
deep throat
06-13 18:35