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Rawlings Was Right Suggesting "Nana Antoa Nyamaa" Shrine

Comment: RE: Very stupid article

Habel Awuku Dadoto
2005-06-13 00:22:32
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RE: Very stupid article

You are rather the stupid one. How more wise do you want the writer to be? Here it is that you those who knows nothing talk foolishly. Did you understand what Mr. Adofo means. If you are clever enought you would have given him the thumbs up (meaning well done). All those of you who are against his article are the left outs of the community of understanding Ghanaians. You all are just blind in your thoughts and views. One day the emerging Ghanaian intellect (not the Ph.D holders) will come to rule and then only we'll have clean and a nation loving leaders. For now all are for themselves (selfish) you understand what I mean. Nkrumah had only 7 cedis (if I am true) in his account by the time he was overthrown. Busia may have taken his first term salaries in advance as soon as he was sworn into office. You are blind in all that you think it is right with this government. They may be doing some good things but I don't see that yet. Ghana one of the 18 most poorest African Nations? A disgrace to say. What are they trying to achieve, cancellation of debts going to individaual pockets? Oh my, reason Ghanaians. For me it would have been better to get cancellation of debts on the grounds that we were looted and being paid back. Come on, tell me something to believe you as I did for Mr Adofo. Wait to read my rejoiner to his (what I have to add) Go sleep in the gutters of Nima Mr. Samba if you don't have a place to live.

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06-11 13:13
RE: Very stupid article
Habel Awuku Dadoto
06-13 00:22