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Rawlings Was Right Suggesting "Nana Antoa Nyamaa" Shrine

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Habel Awuku Dadoto
2005-06-11 21:08:33
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Rawlings Was Right Suggesting "Nana Antoa Nyamaa"

Hey, how more can you expain it? Let me see, I have to get some rest and get a good reply to it. "Give damn no hell to live". It is only the stupid who will not understand your point here. Let then go to hell for whatever they will say whether they have a place there to live or not. Do you think the thieves will ever agree to your suggestions. What do you think? To deprive them of their lootings? Oh my Let the gods of Ghana for that matter and Africa as a whole be given their duty. After all before the white men came to Africa, we had life free of corruption, This is just a quick piece to say how I appreciate your intelligence. I'll add more to it. I know what you mean when you mentioned Japan and China. The eye see to give the brain understanding. I hope you get what I mean Once again "well done" Mr. ROCKSON ADOFO.

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06-11 13:13
RE: Rawlings Was Right Suggesting
Habel Awuku Dadoto
06-11 21:08