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Some women in Ghana are wicked: Ghanaians abroad be warned!

Comment: Men be wise

Daniel Owusu Ansah
2019-12-08 09:00:02
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Some women in Ghana are wicked: Ghanaians abroad b

Great article.
These things keep on happening to our men abroad all the time. Men should stop being careless and trust less in the women they barely know much about all because of marriage. My little advice to men without proper documents in abroad to stop entrusting money in people to build for them since they can't travel back anytime soon to demand for the house papers and also visit their sites on regular basis. Even family members sometimes do disappoint.
Also, get to know your woman inside out before marrying and stop this " talk to this girl for me attitude "

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12-03 14:23
Men be wise
Daniel Owusu Ansah
12-08 09:00