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A culture, not safe for girls

Comment: Human Behavior and Sex...

2019-11-01 12:05:40
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It will when Govt introduces CP policy

Human Behavior and Sex.
Man according to psychology is an animal that produce labour implements.
Man himself is an implement of labour, so from infancy we are thought how to act upon whatever we find in society to satisfy our biological and social needs.
What every parent is careful about is not to teach their children how to have sex.
As we grow depending on the social environment in which we leave we are thought sex act which is a biological need or a person,either by the circumstance in which we find our selves at a given time.
Children living in the slums in the cities and those in our villages come to experience the act of sex early.
The matter is that whiles going to school or returning from school by come across various by of people with all manners.
A boy may find himself being defiled by a married woman around who if of the view that she is in love with a twelve year old boy.
On the other hand a girl of nine may find herself been defiled by a married man or a single man who is of the view that he is in love their the girl.
With girls at nine who happen to have come into contact with those wild animals in society their experience with sex let them stop attending school and taking to trading activities to satisfy their needs with food, clothing and seeing to it that they have sex with any handsome man they come across.
Some Islamic clergy said a girl should marry at the age of nine. It is most surprising that with my experience living in the slums a girl of nine years of age will come and play games with you and after a week you realize that she is ripe for penetrating.
Girls like this can only be forced to go back to school only if there is free and compulsory education and that a girl who is seen at home during class hours in the schools is arrested and send back to school.
Unlike a pot, that when broken can't be mended,on the other part the life of a girl who ate Adams apple at a tender age can be mended, send back to school to become a responsible adult.
I know of a number of women now in their middle and late sixties in Accra New Town and Nima who had early sex at nine, who are most responsible mothers than the men , some of whom university graduates who impregnated them.
So the onus lies on the society to love, take care and make sure that our young mothers return to school and are educated to the level they so wish in life.
Pregnancy and child birth should not be a barrier to a girl who became pregnant or give birth to a child whiles a pupil or student.
I at times ask my sisters one who got pregnant in middle school form 3 and another in secondary school form 2 why they did not continue with their education and what they both now in their early 70s said it was ignorance.

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Human Behavior and Sex...
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