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Different strokes: The corrupt and the incorruptible

Comment: DJ Albert Antic is a thief

Kari Jewel
2019-09-24 07:58:03
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Different strokes: The corrupt and the incorruptib

I will never hire another Ghanaian again. I've hired and fired too many in the past few years. DJ Albert Antic stole so much money from us that he has ruined it for every other Ghanaian.

We paid high wages, a generous monthly food allowance, a housing allowance, children's school fees, and a transportation allowance. He didn't think it was enough, even when we paid for his father's funeral. He stole more anyway. Now when I see a beggar, I assume someone is paying his or her way but they are just a greedy lazy thief, like Albert Nyarko aka DJ Albert Antic.

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