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We are mourning

Comment: Citizens Action Is Now Required

2019-09-20 19:02:41
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We are mourning

Our fears cannot come to an end because we have confirmation of the girls' death as you suggest. Times ahead must be feared most, because we don't know how much our communities have come into the mist of these foreign criminals and how our own Ghanaian people are being influenced by foreign criminals to pursue such evil course. Strikingly, we citizens sit and watch all these nonsense happening underneath our noses. Ghanaians must not be fooled to remain timid and watch our ineffective leaders and institutions acting like they on top of these issues, but evidently taking us to our slaughters. The youth in Ghana must rise just as in South Africa against our country taking over by 7 million Nigerians charging their way to subdue us by evil means. Push them out before they push us out of our own land. ECOWAS cannot be excuse for these nonsense. The losses of ECOWAS is taking toll on Ghana now. Period!

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09-20 11:35
Citizens Action Is Now Required
09-20 19:02