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Busia daughter's open letter to Akufo-Addo on politics of Ghana

Comment: Busia and Danquah were terrorists

Cambridge ana-elect-trump
2019-08-28 15:04:46
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Busia daughter's open letter to Akufo-Addo on poli

Danquah and Busia were political terrorists and were drunk with "entitlement", thinking that because they came from royal houses and were highly educated, the country had be ran by them and no one else. Ms. Busia, God does not chose political leaders, the voters do. Busia may have been highly educated, but he lacked vision. Danquah and Busia were full of jealousy and total disdain for Nkrumah whom they considered as not being being royally fit to govern Ghana. The people of the Gold Coast recognized the leadership ability in Nkrumah and rightly chose to have him as their leader, to the dismay and Danquah and Busia, and this started the beginning of vicious acts by Danquah and Busia to undermine Nkrumah and his administration.

Danquah and Busia worked with the CIA of the USA to achieve their diabolical goal of having Nkrumah removed from office since their constant throwing of bombs at Nkrumah did not accomplish their aim. The CIA managed to pay some goons in the military and Police to stage a coup, and the key figure in the coup was Colonel Afrifa, a stooge of Busia in the Ghana Army. To fool Ghanaians, the coup plotters made General Ankrah their leader, first to as a way to gain wide support within the military, and to conceal the fact that the main architect of the coup was Afrifa. Kotoka's name was branded as leader of the coup because the coup stood to fail if not visibly led by someone who hailed from the Volta Region, given that a majority of the officer ranks and enlisted personnel were from the Volta Region. Kotoka and Ankrah were soon out, and in came Busia's boy Afrifa to head the military government, having been promoted from Colonel to General. Afrifa then passed decrees preventing politicians with ties to the CPP from running for political office, thus giving Busia a leg up since he would not have to face the formidable CPP politicians. Afrifa then appointed Busia head of the Center for Civic Education, a role in which hBusia criss-crossed Ghana selling himself while other Ghanaians were not supposed to politic or campaign until the military regime gave a date for electioning to to commence. This plan then worked to Busia's advantage, allowing him to easily defeat his political opponents in the sham election set by the military regime. Busia was selfish and visionless, and could care little about the future of Ghana. All Busia cared about was to see himself become President. Madam Busia, since you make so much noise about your daddy Busia, how long did he last as President of Ghana?

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08-27 14:02
Busia and Danquah were terrorists
Cambridge ana-elect-trump
08-28 15:04