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Busia daughter's open letter to Akufo-Addo on politics of Ghana

Comment: Grand Delusion ...

2019-08-28 00:00:29
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Busia daughter's open letter to Akufo-Addo on poli

Confused Woman ... let it go, Lady. Regardless of how hard the descendants of the "M'ate me ho" gang and their cohorts try to obliterate the stature and achievements of Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah of blessed memory, they will know no peace of mind. Africa and the world at large will ALWAYS remember the invaluable, rock-solid, and immovable contributions of Osagyefo to Africa and the World. Poor Ghana ... until these miscreants among you learn to put away their narrow, misplaced, tribalistic fondness for the so-called Busia-Danquah ideology, both they and Ghana will continue to remain in the quicksand to which they appear to be fast mired.

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Grand Delusion ...
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