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Busia daughter's open letter to Akufo-Addo on politics of Ghana

Comment: So Joseph Boache Dankwa was the first...

2019-08-27 15:37:19
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Open Letter to the President.

So Joseph Boache Danquah was the first angle of our ancestors but became the first Demon ,Lucifer who murdered and maimed Ghanaian children in order to become the president of Ghana.
Kofi Abrefa was the servant of that Lucifer call Joseph Danquah who want us to be in thrall of the British imperialist in perpetuity in tranquility of under development. Your father Kofi Busia and his clones believe that the Gold Coast is their property together with its citizens that must be mined and harvested to their interest and that of their relatives.
Your father Professor Kofi Abrefa Busia was so peeved that his party lost the general elections and could not become the first prime minister of Ghana.
On the eve of Ghana's independence your father, Kofi Busia was in London begging the Queen of England to have the independence of Ghana postponed for more years.
It was not Osagyefor Dr. Kwame Nkrumah who left the UGCC, but rather the UGCC that expelled him from the party for his redicalism.
I am quoting what your father Kofi Busia told the Queen of England on the eve of Ghana's independence:"We still need youu on the Gold Coast...Your experiment there is not yet complete. Sometime I wonder why you seem in such a hurry to wash your hands of us".
Your father Kofi Busia so love Ghana that in 1969 after becoming the Prime Minister of Ghana it took him no time to build a personal edifice at Odorkor in Accra.
It is on record that Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah used his salary to pay the school fees of Gold Coast student that your father and others love so much that they call for their dismissal from state secondary schools.
It is also on record that when your father and others were still arguing as to how to name their counterrevolutionary parties that merge together as a result of the "Avoidance of Discrimination Act", Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah whom you name a serpent rather than rejoicing over the mess in the opposition suggested to him to name the party United Gold Coast Convention.
Why is it not a case that your fathers and others name their party United Ghana Party or Convention to show that they founded Ghana.
There are a lot of evils that your father did to Ghana and Africa.
Just a few days after taking over as Prime Minister your father passed a bill through parliament that make the possession and reading of communist literature, Kwame Nkrumah's books, holding his picture or anything with his drawing on it a crime.
He banned his friend and grating during his year in self exile, Komla Agbeli Gbedema from parliament and as a leader of the opposition.
Kofi Abrefa Busia was such a lunatic who took people who criticize him to parliament to insult them, knowing very well that they don't have the right to respond.
His behaviour lead to his in-laws, Ghas throwing urine at him anytime he happens to pass by Makola with his convoy.
It on record that when Kwame Nkrumah found out that J.B.Danquah does not have any employment after loosing his bid to enter parliament he set up the Council for Acts And Culture and appointed him as the director.
Most Ghanaians who came across people of the UP breed know that they are people who hate the progress of others and never accept whatever good you did for them.
They hate those who have been their gratings during their time of owes.

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So Joseph Boache Dankwa was the first...
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