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The village girls and the servitude profiteers

Comment: Feeling so sad!

2019-08-22 11:45:17
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The village girls and the servitude profiteers

Well done sir. If all of us would act the way you have acted, our communities or societies may be sound and peaceful.

Took in a young JSS girl who was brought to Accra from Kitampo under the guise of coming to work and save for her SHS education but she was fortunate my wife discovered her in a similar situation as captured by you, in a house in Ablempke, where she went for a visit .

All we had to do was negotiate with a guardian to allow the young girl to stay with us for a monthly fee and also promised to sponsor her education. Once that was mutually agreed. We took in the girl and then got in touch with her parents in Kintampo to let them know the girl was with us.

This was in 2010 and today, this girl is a very proud in school teacher after a degree from University of Education, Winneba and has been taking care of her other siblings and a blind mother as the father has passed on.

To sum up, I believe this is not as difficult as most people may think but it can be very pleasant and satisfying intrinsically.

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