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The full story on Gregory Afoko, bail issue and accompanying ‘ignorant comments’


2019-07-21 11:17:44
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Re: The full story on Gregory Afoko, bail issue an

Well am not a lawyer or a persin with legal background, from what I read, if in the first instance the property in question is not checked well for encumbrances, it does not satisfy the bail conditions. So Afoko's lawyers should have made sure that was met, and if indeed it was met, rhey could have shown evidence in court to enforce the bail. On the question of the AF being eeady and commencing the trial of the two, it's really true the crime in question doesn't allow the accused persons to be franted bail. If Afoko ia to be granted bail, then Asankbi could also be granted bail, because rhis is a new trial all together. As I said deom the beginning, am not a legal person but am depending on logics as a mathematician.

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