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1V1D: I’m satisfied with work done – Hawa Koomson

Comment: Hawa Koomson

Kate Quansah
2019-06-14 16:41:21
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Re: 1V1D: I’m satisfied with work done – Hawa Koom

You're not a serious Minister. What is your understanding of all year round. If you are not careful the villagers will chase you out on one of your useless desk monitoring of the projects. Pls tell in confident ( I won't tell anyone. Are you one of the Big Man's numerous 'something'. All of you who have been sorted out and nothing can happen to you even with these embarrasment you are causing him. Infact we killed Kutu for nothing. Women are using their pussys to get big things in this Gov't. Hmmmmm.

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06-14 15:59
Hawa Koomson
Kate Quansah
06-14 16:41