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Government acquires 1,700 acres of land at Otenkoran for 1D1F Project

Comment: Gagged, balancing the scale of justice.

2019-05-01 07:09:59
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Say no to NDC

BB do you know the growing, and harvesting time for sugar cane?
Now we've all heard the multiple excuses given by Akufo Addo's government for the factory remaining closed, No Sugar Cane, wrong type of Sugar Cane, Komenda sugar factory is incomplete, NPP needs $52 plus million dollars to complete, farmers won't sell their land or have the land use for sugar cane, the list goes on all are pathetic NPP excuses. I know of a group In six months they could have Komenda sugar factory I operation.
Put you money where you mouth is boy..
Back to the message.
Akufo Addo is selling Snow to Eskimos Salt to Slugs and Sugar confetti to Ghanaians.
Boy if I can produced Sugar, Rum, and molasses in my backyard a whole NPP government can operate a Sugar factory.
End of message.

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05-01 01:21
Gagged, balancing the scale of justice.
05-01 07:09