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Mahama is the architect behind MPS deal causing over 3000 job losses


2019-04-30 13:53:58
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John Dramani Mahama cannot be trusted like his whole notorious NDC money laundering organization. When this crook, John Mahama, said to Nzema chiefs that " Don't believe what Bawumia says, I am not against SHS". I realized that this man has ten mouths to deceives and lies Ghanaians. Ghanaians voters should not trust this bozo and miscreant John Mahama. He is taking Ghanaians for an unwanted ride. He is a power-drunk thief.
The unfaithful John Mahama Dramani, his wife cannot trust this NDC womanizer. How can we entrust the destiny of our nation into such an unfaithful man? Was his home searched when he was uprooted from power? He is just like Omar al-Bashir of Sudan. John Mahama loves stolen and looted money. It makes him look, big guy.

John Dramani Mahama is a thief just like the deposed Sudanese president called Omar al-Bashir. The deposed Sudanese president, Omar al-Bashir stole and looted millions of dollars belonging to Sudan and hoarded them in his home.

Did John Mahama's home search? I believe this NDC thief is hoarding a lot of money somewhere. John Mahama is a thief and a wicked man. He does not care about anybody in Ghana. He has stolen and looted Ghana's money. He behaves as a billionaire. Where did he get money to buy twenty cars for NDC for his useless and aimless campaign? Does this thief want to be president in Ghana again?

Every bad investment deal in Ghana during the NDC government has John Dramani Mahama's name attached to it. What is that this man loves money too much? John Mahama and his brat son rode on water boats on foreign beaches enjoying on stolen Ghana's money while the majority of his NDC fool soldiers are wallowing in poverty and indecent life. Have these NDC fool soldiers ever thought that John Mahama is fooling them? This notorious NDC thief can afford to buy anything he wants because Ghanaians have allowed him to steal our money.

Has our government bothered to check how much this John Mahama earn in 2018? Is he doing money laundering crimes? Our government must find out how he got money to buy those twenty cars for NDC for his useless and aimless campaign that will not reach anywhere.

Notorious NDC party officials do not respect Ghanaians. They have known that John Mahama is not afraid and ashamed to steal and loot. He is the one who can let these NDC thieves have free money. That is why they are following him like fools.

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