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Osafo Maafo's 'dirty ranting' is legendary

Comment: Now that their true colours are evident.

2019-04-26 03:34:21
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Osafo Maafo's 'dirty ranting' is legendary

All is not lost if as conscious Ghanaians and Africans we will sit down and reminisce the path that the ideas of Nkrumah would have made us dignified people beholding the African Personality. Nkrumah stated without mincing words the authentic African ideology we should follow and the need to free ourselves from greed and corruption by creating public awareness against such selfishness. Our path should have been selflessness and industrialization as was being pursued by the great seer, Kwame Nkrumah.
We must thank God that, after obeying their neocolonial masters and banishing anything that has to do with Nkrumaism(Nkrumah's creative African ideas), the disgruntled soldiers and now NDC and NPP, who are merely the different sides of the same corrupt political coin have been given all the time needed to show their worthlessness under peaceful times. No sabotage nor assassination attempts but rather with resources like Oil.
Enough is now enough and therefore, we must come to our senses and get a party of true Nkrumaists to get us out of this quagmire before we sink to the bottom of a 'bottomless pit' if there is any. Any further delay and we shall perish forever. Our misfortune should be turned a blessing if we repent for what was initiated in 1966. Let us appeal to the true Nkrumaists to volunteer and save Ghana and Africa at least.

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