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Was the Office of the Special Prosecutor created to gag Martin Amidu?


prez akuffo addo to be blamed
2019-04-15 15:25:32
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Was the Office of the Special Prosecutor created t

I agree with the writer. The govt has something to do with SP Martin Amidus non performance. I will however not be surprised if this writer is Anas Aremeyaw, or one of his men.They Anas has played down the govt.The AG Mis Gloria Akuffo Addo is weak AG. In her recent press conference she claimed she is waiting for a document from Anas b4 AG can take up Kwasi Nyantakyis case. Anas claimed the information the AG is requesting is on deceased Ahmed Suales pen driven and he needed time to get it for AG.While Anas is asking for time to get the info, he Anas went to BBC to complain that Ghana govt is moving slowly on the case. Now the whole AG office is at the mercy of Anas.
2 SP cant move fast because of legal issues.This a smart AG shd know, the govt should have introduce a bill in parliament to clear this legal block, NPP is in majority in parliament, this bill will easily pass, what is preventing the govt from doing this? The AG is not smart enough. The SPs work is a diamond pearl for NPP, but the govt doesn't have a good AG Miss Gloria might be qualified academically but is not fit at this time of our history to lead the AG office. We need a pit bull lawyer. Anas has his agenda an I'm surprised the way AG is dealing with him is very unqualified, ahd this 419 investigative journalist is playing Miss Gloria Akuffo down. I believe govt shd be taking as a family bness, I fault Nana for this appointment.

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04-15 11:24
prez akuffo addo to be blamed
04-15 15:25